Chicken Engagement Shoot | Photographer on Lockdown | Cuckoo Cochin Chicken

Now don’t worry, I’ve not completely lost it (well not yet!) but I thought it’d be a fun idea to create a chicken engagement shoot!

It’s that time of year when I’m usually out doing back to back engagement shoots and family mini-shoots in the bluebell woods. Obviously, neither are happening at the moment (insert sobbing emoji here). So, I thought I’d share this chicken engagement shoot with you combining them both.

It’s a little random I know but I’m hoping one of you might like it?!?


Chicken Engagement Shoot, Chicken Photographer, Cuckoo Cochin Chicken
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It’s just a bit of fun

This beautiful pair of cuckoo cochins belong to my sister Emma; owner & breeder of Brow Top Poultry. Emma is an avid breeder of various poultry and has won countless awards including many for this beast of a cockerel. I regularly photograph them just because all the birds have their own unique characters and quirks, I really enjoy it!

There was no main aim for the shoot, just for fun really. And I mean how romantic for the birds, a little stroll amongst the bluebells, wing in wing, awwwwww!

Now, I have to admit, I shot these photos last year, as we’re not allowed out and all that. They were shot in one of Nidderdale’s stunning bluebell woods. I’m gutted I can’t go back and visit this year!


Chicken Engagement Shoot, Chicken Photographer, Cuckoo Cochin Chicken


The growing trend of keeping chickens


It’s definitely clear there’s a rising trend for keeping chickens. I mean it’s all the rage darling! Just check out the celebs doing it: Jennifer Garner, Liz Hurley, Jennifer Saunders, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon and many, many more.

In times like these the benefit of having fresh daily eggs is invaluable, plus the mindfulness element of looking after an animal. That’s gotta be good for your soul, right?!? My sister swears by looking after chickens, they bring her so much joy. Yes, she has turned into a crazy chicken lady but if it makes you happy who cares!?!


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Engagement Shoots

Every client that books me to shoot their wedding automatically receives an engagement shoot. The main reason for this is it helps me produce more natural and personalised results.

Now, I know a lot of people aren’t really that sold on them, they can be perceived to be cheesy but believe me they’re not and they TOTALLY WORK!!! All my clients after the shoot say how much more confident they feel about having their photograph taken at the wedding.

No chickens were harmed during this shoot

I feel it’s important to add that these are show birds therefore they’re used to being handled and photographed. To be honest they’re more like pets really, but I just wanted to add that they were relaxed and happy little chickies on this shoot.

Chicken Engagement Shoot, Chicken Photographer, Cuckoo Cochin Chicken
Chicken Engagement Shoot, Chicken Photographer, Cuckoo Cochin Chicken

Just for the sake of balance

As I mentioned above, this time last year I was also shooting family mini-shoots (not just chickens) in the bluebell woods. All being normal I would have done the same this year. Not to mention how amazing the weather has been, it’s been taunting me!

The main thing is though we’re all safe and well and I really do appreciate this. So, just for the sake of normality I thought I’d share one of last year’s bluebell mini-shoot photos. Look at these two cheeky chops, so sweet!

Bluebell Family Photo Yorkshire Family Photographer

Fingers crossed next year we’ll have returned to normality, I’ll get my photo fixes and all will be well in the world again.

Thanks for reading & stay safe.