About Lissa Alexandra…

So who is Lissa Alexandra? Well, I’m a Harrogate girl now living in pretty Wetherby. I’m the extremely proud Mummy to my gorgeous two daughters, Fleur & Harriet, and wife to ever patient Stuart.

Things I love:

 Photography (obvs!)
 Live gigs
 Fruit cake, cheese & port (a yorkshire thing, if this is new to you, it’s essential to try)
 Walking in the countryside
 Kate Bush, Tori Amos and generally mad, creative women in the arts, they’re a total inspiration to me!
 Mint tea
 Time with the family
 Visiting Northumberland, I LOVE Bamburgh!
 Audible books & The Archers (complete geek #sorrynotsorry)

Things I’d rather live without:

 Moths (It’s a fluttering thing)
 Small minded people

After completing my university degree I spent seven years working in the digital imaging and print industry. Combining my love of art with what I learned from my daily job I discovered my natural instinct for photographic composition. In my spare time I spent many an evening studying photography from film to digital resulting in a collection of qualifications and greater photographic understanding. Then one day I got a lucky break when a friend asked me to photograph their wedding and the rest they say is history…

So, here I am…

My specialist area is wedding & lifestyle photography. When I started photography I mainly focused on landscape photography, but as my skills developed I’ve discovered my main passion lays in the reportage/ photojournalistic style. Capturing a lover’s glance, a friendly wink, a happy tear, all these instants are priceless and I thrive on my challenge to capture them. My timing in capturing the right moment and expertise in post-production results in beautiful photos for you to treasure for life.Β 

I also have a side hustle of location scouting for the Film & TV industry which I love, you can find out more by clicking here. Working in both the wedding and screen industry takes me to the most amazing venues and locations, which constantly thrills my soul. Discovering new places, stunning architecture, abandoned buildings, vast open spaces and generally being outdoors is definitely a passion of mine.Β 


What’s in a name?

How do you say it? This often causes confusion. My name is officially spelt ‘Lissa’ but it’s pronounced ‘Lisa’. It was my dearest parent’s idea for the unusual spelling (I can bore you with the story one day if you like!?!) but I have to admit I rather like it being spelt a bit differently. In all honesty though, I’m not fussy, I answer to most things, just get in touch! Message me HERE to find out more about booking your photo shoot.

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