Wedding Perfume & Bridal Fragrances

Don’t you just love it when you catch a scent and immediately you’re transported to a special time and a place? What better place than to the memory of your wedding day! Choosing wedding perfume & bridal fragrances is a sensory treat but where do you start?

This collection of real life bridal perfumes will hopefully inspire you choose your dream wedding scent.

Grooms; don’t forget your bride’s wedding day present (yes, this is a thing!). You can’t go wrong with buying a new bottle of your fiancee’s favourite scent but if you’re feeling brave and want to surprise her here are the top three most popular wedding day perfumes I have come across:

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Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Ralph Lauren Woman
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Nomade Chloe
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Tiffany perfume
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Jadore Dior
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Don’t forget the ‘old, new, borrowed, blue‘ wedding tradition

I’ve seen many a bride incorporate one of these into her bridal fragrance. Wear your ‘old’ signature scent, invest in a new one, borrow your bridesmaid’s perfume or take literally the colour/ name of the bottle like; Tiffany & Co., Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, Shay & Blue, Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume, or the quirky named perfume This Is Not A Blue Bottle by Histoires De Parfum.

Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Jimmy Choo Illicit
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Chanel Chance
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Flowerbomb Viktor Rolf
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Dior Joy
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Armani Diamonds

Decisions, decisions… do you go for your signature scent or opt for a new one?

The pros of wearing your existing perfume is you’re fiance will recognise it and at least you know he likes it (hopefully). However that brings us onto the con for a new one, what if he HATES it? If you are thinking of buying a new one, give him a whiff test before the big day to make sure he likes it too!

Remember, whatever you decide upon, the most important thing is that it reflects your own style and personality. 

Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Vivienne Westwood Boudoir
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Jo Malone Lupin
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Creed Aventus for Her

How to wear your scent

I’m told there’s a trick on how to wear perfume. So, whether you’re a ‘mist & go’ or ‘drown yourself’ kinda girl here’s some tips I’ve picked up over the years of bridal prep chit chat!


  • Remember to apply your fragrance before you put on your wedding dress, some perfumes can stain if applied directly to the material
  • Apply to your pulse points, as the body heat increases throughout the day it will intensify your scent
  • Spray a fragrance cloud and walk through it
  • Make sure your skin isn’t dry, perfume binds to the oils in your skin
  • Don’t forget to spray your hair, it’s not usually recommended but as a one off, it’ll be fine
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Beyonce Heat
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Eternity Moment
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Love In White Creed

Wedding Photography

Now, you might be wondering why I photograph my bride’s perfume bottles but I’m a sucker for sentiment and details. Imagine looking back at your wedding day photos in fifty years time and telling your daughter/ in-law this is what I wore on my big day. You never know they may want to wear the same as a tribute?!?

If you LOVE detail photos like me as well as natural people shots and images that just capture the moment then get in touch. It’d be fab to discuss all your wedding plans with you. Read more about my wedding photography here and contact me to find out more here.

Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Marc Jacobs Decadence
Wedding Perfume Bridal Fragrances Gucci Bamboo

The Jo Malone Wedding Scent Consultation

For some brides their wedding scent is an extremely important element to their bridal collection and I was one of them. I remember for my wedding I visited Jo Malone in Harrogate for a bridal appointment. I was so excited, got totally carried away and ended up buying two; Peony & Blush for the day and Velvet Rose & Oud for the evening. I still wear them now though so I don’t feel too self indulgent (much!)

The beauty of Jo Malone fragrances is that you can mix them up to create your own unique scent.

Gucci Flora
Jo Malone Lupin
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
Daisy Love Marc Jacobs Eau So Sweet
Moschino Toy 2

Fresh & Floral or Sexy & Sultry?

Bridal perfumes are usually associated with a fresh, floral fragrance like Chloe or Dream by Ghost which are very pretty. But sometimes the lighter scents just don’t stay on that long? Try and get your mitts on some testers to keep in your bridal handbag that way you can keep topping up your aroma throughout the day. Heavier scents like Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford or Angel by Mugler have a bit more staying power but of course it’s personal preference.

Whatever you plump for think of all the hugging and kissing you’ll be doing, you’ll want to leave a heavenly scent behind you!

Chloe Scent
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

If you’re anything like me you get stuck in a rut with a perfume. It’s SOOO hard to find a new one that’s just YOU! That’s why I’ve complied this collection showing what previous brides have worn for their big day.

Fingers crossed this will be a starting point for your fragrance journey leaving you smelling sweetly on the wedding day.

Good luck shopping and have fun.



P.S. I’d love to hear if this blog post helped you in choosing your wedding day perfume. Which scent did you go for on your big day? Share your perfume tips in the comments box below.x